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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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affect turnout. analysts say getting young votes to the caucus us is important for bernie sanders and donald trump. huge numbers of younger voters an independent voters turned out to support president obama in his first bid for president in 2008. a little later on, you'll hear from iowans on how important tonight is for them. plus our aaron gilchrist is ini firsthand account take. and one more note, msnbc going to host an additional democratic debate this thursday, it will be at 9:00. chuck todd and rachel maddow will be the moderators. we're about to find out more about why an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. it's been almost nine months since the train hit a curve and derailed. it was going more than 100 miles per hour. eight people lost their lives. today the ntsb will put out a preliminary report about their investigation into the crash. we'll let you know what it says.
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and a final report is likely months away. today you may want to avoid the 3rd street tunnel during your morning commute. ddot is starting a new phase of the tunnel project. crews will install heavy steel peoples and shore you havele tunnel did he going. that requires detours on 395, new york avenue and the surrounding streets. the construction will happen between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and will last about seven months. i'm sure you noticed the snow is starting to melt. >> yeah, but there are so many huge mounds of snow, i don't know when it will get out of here. >> let's check in with chuck bell. >> good morning. the snow could be here a little while longer. we're melting it down pretty fast, but when you start out with this much snow a week or so ago, it takes a long time to eat it all up. raindrops will certainly help. there is nothing on radar just yet in our fair area, but there are raindrops just out to our west.
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fr grab the umbrella on your way out this morning. the mild and dry start will end with raindrops. mild monday meltdown today. grab the umbrella. temperatures way above freezing this morning and we'll stay above freezing lieu mid week it looks like. some aprillike showers coming our way on wednesday. more about the timing on all of that coming up. for now over to first 4 traffic and melissa. we have molette green headed out to the problem in silver spring. university boulevard between carroll avenue and piney branch road. so we'll get more details on that water main repair and how long it will possibly take win she arrives. two closures downtown, l street in northwest at 10th street, all lanes blocked because of police activity. in the 300 block of clay street in northeast. derrick ward is heading out to that situation for us. northbound gw parkway at cia, sounds like we have a pothole and repairs in the left lane.
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see you in ten minutes. right now it is 4:33. developing in leesburg, two stepbrothers in a deadly stabbing right across from a police station on plaza street. officers say a woman ran into the lobby just after midnight saying a man had been stabbed. the two stepbrothers had been fighting before the sabing. the victim's name is not being released. p this is the first homicide in leesburg this year. we just learned that one person died in a stabbing near a popular club in d.c. police saying someone was stabbed in the 1,000 block of l street northwest. this happened near the bar known as bar code which is just a few blocks from the square. wtop saying that one person was in critical condition, but that was just updated in the last five minutes. we have learned that that person has died. we also know that the street is closed off now. police are still investigating.
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also getting word that one person was arrested and they are not looking for anyone else. eun. ♪ >> heartbreak in blacksburg, virginia as a community struggles with the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. two students from virginia tech have been arrested in the death of nicole lovell. she's been missing since wednesday. her body was found saturday along a highway in surry county, north carolina. david eisenhower faces kidnapping and first agree murder charges. 19-year-old natalie keepers helped hims c s cadispose of lo body. >> he raised his daughters to be like everybody would want to raise their daughter to be and i'm just shocked. like i'm just totally shocked. >> police are following up on hundreds of leads now. they were seen searching a pond on virginia tech campus
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yesterday. eisenhauer is being held without bond and will be arraigned later this morning. cleanup will happen at this bowie home today where a red car crashed right through the side of the home. it all happened when another driver had some sort of medical emergency, that driver hit the red car which slammed into the home. the drive are was taken to the hospital. no one inside the house was hurt. silver spring family displaced this morning after a dryer caught fire in their house. firefighters say it started in a basement of the home. smoke detectors went off, two adults and a child got out safely. one person went to the hospital but is expected to be okay. 4:35 now. the news 4 iteam has learned the troubled department of liquor control is looking for a new person to lead the agency. director george griffin has resigned. over the last year and a half, the iteam has investigated botched deliveries, missing inventory and allegations of
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internal staff within the agency. the agency controls all sales of alcohol within the county. the county is searching nationwide for griffgriffin's replacement. lottery did ted lynn fdeadlr pre-k through 12 is march 1. and there will be an all-male high school. this is the start of education week. if you live in the district, you have until tomorrow at midnight to sign up for health care up didder tunder the affor care act. if you sign up, your coverage will start march 1. d.c. health link will have people at the mlk jr. memorial library today and tomorrow. maryland's signup deadline has been extended until friday. if you're just turning on your tv, we're following breaking news. an officer involved oig shooting
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in the district. we do know the person is shot and in the hospital. news 4 derrick ward is on the way to the scene. we're also keeping a close eye on a water main break, this is in silver spring. your drive into work could get tricky. and a lot of kids are headed back to school for the first time in more than a week now, but the may not want the heavy coat at the bus stop. chuck bell has your school day forecast. if
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welcome back. this week d.c. will take one step forward this protecting young victims of rape. a "washington post" report says a task force will recommend additional services for victims 12 to 17 years old. it will also try to place an independent advocate inside police interviews to help support the victims. the goal is to encourage sexual assault victims to come forward and report the crime. winter weather may be to blame for a 29 vehicle crash, more than two dozen cars and four tractor trailers collided last night. this is near the california/new mexico border. no serious injuries there, but as we head farther south, a d d deadly incident in san diego. high winds nothi s knocked tree crushed a sedan killing the driver. went gusts topped 150 miles an
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hour. it's 4:41 here. let's check in with chuck bell, weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning, everybody. monday off it a cloudy but mild start this morning. raindrops are moving in. likely to be here around lunchtime and then through the reapril der of the evening, as well. school day forecast for everybody back to school after nearly a week of digging out, morning bus stops cloudy and school. temperatures upper 40s to near 50. have the umbrella ready to go. it will be raining on the way back home today. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 50s today. so on your way out, grab the umbrella and a light jacket with temperatures on the mild side. we'll let you know how long the mild air sticks away coming up in ten minutes. good morning. right now no major issues, everything looking nice and green. no major issues on any routes into or out of town. but we do have a couple of things happening. l street at 10th in northwest, all lanes blocked because of
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police activity there. and then again the 300 block of clay street some lanes closed there, as well, because of police activity. university boulevard between carroll avenue and piney branch road, we're talking about both directions of university, shut down for the morning. best thing i can tell you is to take an alternate. new hampshire avenue or flower avenue. either of those will work for you. 395 south after seminary, two left lanes getting by take zone until 8:00 a.m. crews in silver spring are on the scene of a water main break that forced part of the roadway to collapse. molette green is on the way and will show us how the break could impact you. are your kids finally ready to go back to school today after the blizzard break? yeah, why one maryland county says it took so long to reopen.
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this could tie up your commute. a water main break on university boulevard has water pouring everywhere. all lanes between piney branch road and carroll avenue are shut down right now as crews deal with this problem. let's get right out to know let gre molette green with more on this headache it could cause. >> reporter: we got an update from wssc moments ago go. the break is on the eastbound side. take a look at the work trucks here on the scene making repairs. and they are working we understand to get the westbound lanes all of them open and at least one lane open eastbound later on in the morning rush. but again, we will see how that goes. that is their hopeful plan. we're talking about a break to a 12 inch main halves installed 88 years ago. there is good news here. no customers without water from all of this.
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the bad new sgs university boulevard closed between piney branch and carroll avenue and of course melissa mollett and first 4 traffic is all over the getaround and the impact of this as the morning rush rolls along. that is the latest live from the scene here. back to you. 4:46 is your time now. and happening today, we are expected to hear how snow removal efforts are going in montgomery county. council president set to talk about efforts throughout the area and that will be at 11:00 this morning. she will also talk about the potential impact of larry hoe gab's state budget on the county. and according to montgomery county's website, we should tell you today is the first day of school in over a week for kids in that district. they have not opened since the snow started falling last friday. we asked why it took so long for them to reopen. >> with 202 schools, 27 facilities and 1200 buses to dig out of three feet of snow or more, it's been a challenge.
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>> so we checked the website there, and if schools are closed five days, the school year will be extended by one day to june 20th. there has been no if i recall announcement on a possible extension from the school district quite yet. also happening today in montgomery county, education and public safety leaders will talk about rue insitruancy preventio. it's 1.5%, higher than 19 of the 24 other school districts in the state. the committees will also discuss school crossing guards and the possibility of new future fire and rescue facilities. today we'll find out if the world health organization will declare the zika virus an international health emergency. the general says the mosquito spread virus is rapidly becoming more of a threat. the virus is being linked to birth defects and brain damage in infants. columbia is now reporting more than 20,000 cases including 2100 pregnant women.
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w.h.o. was widely criticized for its slow reaction to the ebola outbreak last year. and u.s. senator chuck schumer wants the federal government to be proactive so as to contain the seay zika virus. >> it's winter, can't come here. it's too cold for the mosquitos. but within four or five months, the mosquitos will be here. >> the senator mentioned the mosquitos. those that transmit zika live in central america but the tiger mosquito lives in the u.s. and carries the disease. a vaccination could be possible the end of this year. 4:48 now. tim kaine is concerned about older americans abusing opioids. witnesses will testify at a hearing on the issue today in leesburg. those witnesses include virginia attorney mark herring, doctors and addiction counselors.
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conta kaine recently introduced a law to use naloxone. maryland lawmakers already thinking about your summer and the backups on the chesapeake bay bridge. they're considering widening route 50 on either side. before that happens, lawmakers will propose a new bill that would secure federal money to upgrade the bay bridge. the bill would have the maryland transportation authority set aside $1.75 million, that will be for environmental study. as you get forward your workweek, we want to let you know how much you'll be paying at the pump. we did some checking. gas prices staying relatively low in our area. we start with maryland, gas averaging $1.80 a gas. the same amount of gas in d.c. going to cost you $2.04. in virginia, a gallon is on average $1.66. and in west virginia, gas will cost you $1.83 a gallon.
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a maryland man won one of the most challenging contests at the washington auto show, the hands-on contest. that emotional win of the hundred day o hyundai. william holmes handed the keys over to his mom. he kept his hand on the vehicle for six days and five nights straight. not getting much sleep there. he always planned to help his mom out. >> i'm proud of my son just fonking enough of me to even try on win this car for me. >> when and you have goal that you want, and i seen my mom come up here every single day and the rest of my family, as well, it gives you that extra boost to continue on. >> margaret holmes plans to use the car to help with her community outreach efforts. now, is that a good son or what?
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and if you have moms to help, there is your focus. >> awesome. but six days, five nights? that's a lot of time. >> that is. dave is like i'm not sure about that. >> i love my mom, but-wi --- >> chuck bell, joining us to talk about the weather. i feel like we're having a littlecoming. >> yeah, today and tomorrow. and a super mild day coming this week. outside right now, not raining inside the beltway just yet, but i would not leave your umbrella at home. here is a check of widening out the radar, you can see where all the rain is just out to our west. those raindrops have plans on reaching us by about lunchtime or shortly thereafter today. so have the umbrella ready to go for later on. temperatures are not cold at all. here is the timing out of the raindrops. by noon, everyone is mostly cloudy. might have a little sunshine out here early this morning. cloudy by lunchtime. and there you go by 3:00 today,
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moderate rain moving into the metro area. most of the rain is out of the immediate metro by about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. may take a little longer to clear it out of southern maryland. then a chilly night today and cooler day tomorrow. but the big thip about the week is we're waiting on wednesday to arrive, that will be the warmest and the rainiest day of the week. here is future weather now at 66 6:30 a.m. wednesday morning. noon on wednesday, that's the heaviest rain coming on into the region. it will be there for most of the afternoon on wednesday before pulling on out. your "7-day forecast" is a mild one here for the first half of the week. in the mid to upper 50s today with the raindrops moving in, hovering near 50 tomorrow, a lot of clouds away tomorrow, but breaks of sunshine. it will be a rain free day. most of the rain this week comes in on wednesday. cooler weather settles in there after. see you in a few minutes and break down when i think the heaviest of the rain will show up on your hump day.
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right now northbound gw parkway at the cia, a pothole repair there in the left side of the roadway. so stay right. still have this throughout the morning commute here this morning. silver spring, university boulevard between carroll avenue and piney branch road, right now shut down, molette green there for us, they are trying to reopen some westbound lanes as soon as possible. alternate when this is still lasting, new hampshire avenue or flower avenue. either will get you around. a couple closures in the district this morning. l street at 10th street, police activity there. and 300 block of clay street in northeast also some lanes closed there. derrick ward is at that and we'll hear from him in a bit. a startling development in the flint water crisis. why some folks there are looking closely at the youngest possible
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victims. and a scare at the white house, what caused authorities to put it on lockdown. to put it on lockdown. your time is 4:54. you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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the countdown is over. i'm aaron gilchrist in iowa. we're just hours away from people here caucusing to choose their nominee for president. we'll tell you about what is happening today, what the cause
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you c caucuses look like and what things leak liook like in des m. a cooldown is on the way. chuck bell is tracking the change in the next weather and traffic on the 1s. at 4:57. developing this morning in flint, michigan the attention now focusing on the children dealing with the water crisis. many were just two years old when they gap drinking the tainted water. for more than a year, they were exbodied to lead. flint has nearly 9,000 children under the aim of six and preschool teachers are saying they're constantly looking for signs of lead exposure. >> i've noticed the speech, the articulation and i've noticed behaviors of anger. >> the troubling part of lead exposure is that symptoms could take months or years before becoming evident. every single one of the children in opposed must be monitored through their entire childhood. flint residents were finally able to use their tabs this weekend. about 300 volunteer plumers spre
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plumbers spread out and installed installing water filters. plumbers say the homes received state issued filter, but homeowners should still have their water regularly tested for lead. a man in custody after police say he started throwing papers over the white house fence. now, the white house was put on lockdown just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the man was immediately arrested, taken into custody. secret service found the papers were harmless and lifted the lockdown. emergency responders want you to do something right now that could help them save your life. here's what they're pushing for. open your smartphone and putting your medical i.d. it shows up if your phone is locked and gives medics critical information about you in an emergency. >> we want to know if you have pre-existing heart conditions, if you have strokes, if you're a die bet tig. >> if you have an iphone, you can touch the heart icon to put
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in your information. if you have an android, you can up to load a free app to do the same thing. that breaking news at 5:00 a.m., a police involved oig shooting in northeast washington. it happened on clay terrace. derrick ward just arrived on the kri scene. >> reporter: not a lot of information at this point. police are holding this as a cre crime scene. this is 300 block of clay terrace where investigators are focusing. we don't know the gender of either people involved. that is the officer or the person who was shot or if anyone was indeed hit. we hope to get that information for you later. but this block of clay terrace is closed and probably will remain closed for some time url usually until light comes. again, police involved oig shooting on 300 clay terrace
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northeast. live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. and good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm david culver. >> and good amomorning, i'm aar gilchrist in des moines where it is caucus day here. thousands across this city and across the state of iowa for that matter will be heading out to caucus later on tonight to choose the person they want to be the nominee to become president of the united states. much more from here in just a moment. meantime, more school delays today. fairfax county and loudoun county schools opening two hours late. fauquier county on a one hour delay. berkeley, jefferson and morgan county schools all on a two hour delay. >> and two schools are closed in spotsylvania county. chancellor middle and high schools have power


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